Addictions and Codependency

Many behaviors start out as compulsive compensations in coping with life's stresses and past life experiences and then they grow into full blown addictions and codependency. The following is a list of some of these behaviors: drinking too much and too often; using and abusing street drugs or prescription drugs; overworking (long hours daily, on weekends and holidays), unable to let go of checking their tech tools, excessive exercise, over scheduling themselves, constant busyness, sexual addiction/compulsivity, gambling, money disorders (shopping, debts, under earning, overspending), relationship compulsions (love addiction or love avoidance, focusing too much on family members' problems and ignoring your own), nicotine addiction and compulsive behavior around religion. Any of these behaviors can keep us from becoming our authentic selves. They can distract us from our dreams and de-rail us from achieving our purpose. With Addictions and Codependency the behaviors must be clearly faced and stopped for healing to occur. Many times treatment centers need to be used in facilitating a solid stable foundation. Then the use of 12 step programs can be used to continue their healing journey. I work with and refer to a number of excellent treatment centers around the country. In working with clients who struggle with Addictions and Codependency I utilize Gestalt therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, experiential and expressive therapies, stress reduction exercises and the 12 step philosophy. A social support system is imperative for long term recovery and Spiritual Counseling is helpful to integrate the whole person.