I believe life’s journey is all about seeking. Seeking meaning and purpose in our lives. Seeking to become our authentic selves. Seeking meaningful connections to others. Seeking a relationship with God. Sometimes obstacles can get in the way of our search. With over 20 years in practice, I have developed significant experience in helping people deal with some of their obstacles.

These conditions seem to underlie so much of modern life. They can keep us from facing the realities of our lives and pursuing what is most important. To deal with these, a multifaceted approach works best, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, Gestalt therapy, body work, medication, and formulating action plans with added support to follow through.
I often work with people who are exploring their talents and passions in an effort to integrate them into their lives and careers in new and rewarding ways to better live their authentic life.
We readily seek out medical care for our physical symptoms, but what about the profound effect chronic illness can have on every other part of our lives? Whether you are a patient or caregiver, remember that help is also available for the emotional side of chronic illness.
Alcohol, drugs, food, spending, work and sex and love addictions can wreak havoc in our lives and relationships. I have extensive background in helping teens and adults enter into recovery with the 12-step model, as well as with other models.
Overspending and debting, not being conscious of where your money is going, hoping someone will rescue you and living in fantasy around money are all areas needing to be explored. Also, fear of success and becoming comfortable with prosperity are issues to be addressed so that one can make peace with money.
The experience of loss is inevitable, but the process of healing is not. I work with people dealing with all kinds of losses, from the death of a loved one (including a pet), the end of a marriage, or the loss of a job, to subtler forms of loss that often arise from events such as infertility, midlife, “empty-nest syndrome,” or retirement.
Relationships, especially with those closest to us, are often the source of the greatest joy and the deepest pain in our lives. I work with people to help them see how their communication patterns, unmet needs and way of being with others can either achieve or sabotage their relational fulfillment.
Who is God? Who am I? As a certified spiritual director, I have the great privilege of helping people explore life’s most profound questions. For many of us, these are the questions that play out over a lifetime and lead us into ever deepening experiences of meaning and fulfillment.
The experience of trauma can range from a family environment where your needs were not met adequately to unresolved experiences of abuse: physical, emotional, mental, sexual or spiritual from your childhood up to the present day. Trauma can cause us to keep repeating ineffective behaviors and not obtain what we believe matters most to us.